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WW II Wedding Poetry

This is a print using an image and words. Here are the words:

World War II Wedding

There was for her a church in Cirincester,
An edifice of subdued red,
A color best forgotten by the newlywed.
Juxtaposed in age with surrounds,
Is the sanguine sake of bonds without bounds.

There-then-before, a rough image it wore.
In need of solace, the damage was interlaced
With rough rose in hand and military dress which created
In animist hedge a cross for those no longer with us.
Blue shade was coursed through with white, free, pure, and capacious.

Silver sanctioned subtle charm of couple.
The marriage procession of progression
Springs from devastation.
A surgical patch was pasted here and there,
Over and under, and all around in each their layer.

Through strata vexatious, emerged the unpretentious,
Always discernable despite twists and turns,
Abrasions, shattered bones, and bomb inflicted burns.
Accepted strokes and slashes interweaved a fearless fractal.
They designed a map beyond decipher in accepted factual.

The record was fulfilled with marks, blurs, and disfigurement
It distilled quiescent dignity in callouses, ridges, and pits.
The perceptions of issue intertwined in discovered orbits.
They weaved parallactic views to reveal past source.
The portal was in a picture to which impotent war lost force.

With bold chiaroscuros, heart rending rose,
Salient ribbons, intersecting hedges,
And tremulous red of church pledges.
A simple wedding hence urged
To what beauty compelled beyond focus and the measured.


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